#BuiltWithBitcoin - A social good initiative by Paxful

Our mission is to support communities in emerging markets through bitcoin.

"The #BuiltWithBitcoin initiative is a testament to the power of cryptocurrency. We firmly believe that it can improve lives and make the world a better place."
Ray Youssef, CEO and co-founder of Paxful.

#BuiltWithBitcoin Africa Fund

Project description

With a number of African countries coming under a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, we feel an urgent need to step in and help.

We hope to put donations through the Africa Fund towards essential supplies such as food, hand sanitizers and other protective equipment.

We will be donating to three non-profit organizations in total. For each organization, we will kick off with a donation of $5,000 USD and match every donation made after for up to $5,000 USD in bitcoin. This means that Paxful could be donating $10,000 USD to each organization, but to do so we’ll need your help.

Which organization would you like to donate to?


Shining Hope for Communities will gather 333 food baskets for 1500+ people, 6,000+ masks for frontline workers, and clean water to 60 handwashing stations in Kibera for a month.


GROW Educate Centres will send food parcels to thousands of families in the Western Cape and hopefully other provinces, besides building high-quality Early Childhood Development centres in South Africa.


Zam Zam Water will provide more than 1,000 underserved people with food, vitamins, sanitizers, face masks, diapers, and carrier bags in states such as Kaduna, Kano, Adamawa, Enugu, Abuja, Lagos, and Kwara.

Our journey so far

Paxful launched the #BuiltWithBitcoin charitable initiative in 2017 to show that bitcoin can help people around the world. With the goal to build 100 schools, water wells, and community gardens for sustainable agriculture funded entirely by bitcoin all across emerging markets, the initiative showcases the capability of charity and philanthropy within the crypto industry.

Early Education Center

The third school by #BuiltWithBitcoin will be an early education center designed for children aged 3 to 6 in Machakos Country, Kenya. There will be 3 classrooms, 6 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a teacher's office. We’ll also be introducing solar panels to this school.

male120 Students
flagTo be completed in 2020
Nursery and Primary School

Paxful’s very first bitcoin-funded school was completed in December 2017, serving a community of 7,500 people. The nursery education center is located in the Nyamata Sector of Rwanda’s Bugesera District, and consists of 3 classrooms, 4 restrooms with potable irrigation system, and a 15,000L water tank and water-catchment system.

In January 2019, Paxful officially cut the ribbon of the second school #BuiltwithBitcoin in Kigali, Rwanda. This school doubles the size of the first school, with six classrooms and six full-time teachers serving up to 300 primary school students aged 6 to 15. It also includes a cafeteria, a 35,000-liter potable water well, solar panels for sustainability, and many other resources for the education and enjoyment of students, staff, and faculty.

male400 Students
flagFinished in 2017 and 2019

Current projects underway

The first two schools we built in Africa were a big success. In 2020, we’re planning to build 4 more schools in developing countries.

Middle school in Kenya

Purchase of land
Planning the project
Blueprints of the school
Construction started
Construction ended
Ready for students
Purchase of land
Planning the project
Blueprints of the school
Construction started
Construction ended
Ready for students
Project description

Construction work on the third #BuiltWithBitcoin school site in Machakos County, Kenya has commenced! As of January 2020, dozens of local Kenyan workers have been working hard to dig and lay the foundation of the school. This school, like the ones before, will have a kitchen, a teacher’s office, and solar panels in addition to regular classrooms and bathrooms. This early education center is designed for 120 children aged 3 to 6.

The construction is expected to be completed in April 2020.

Updates from the scene
Message from the initiator

One of our key goals is to bring financial inclusion to the underbanked, via bitcoin. #BuiltwithBitcoin is the next logical step. Now we are not only helping those in emerging economies meet their day-to-day financial needs; through our work with Zam Zam, we are also making a real and lasting difference in their communities. We hope that others in the cryptocurrency scene will join this important venture."
— Ray Youssef, Paxful CEO and co-founder.

#BuiltWithBitcoin is a movement started by Paxful to empower education in Africa

It has always been our CEO Ray Youssef’s dream to build schools in places where they are most needed. In 2017, his dream finally came true — Paxful launched the #BuiltwithBitcoin charitable initiative with the goal to build 100 schools, water wells, and community gardens for sustainable agriculture funded entirely by bitcoin. This initiative is the perfect showcase of the capability of charity and philanthropy within the crypto industry.

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